January 1, 2015

2015 Ambitions

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2014 seriously rocked my world – as I stated earlier in my blog I posted last week! As I sit at my desk in my home office with tissue everywhere because for the first time in 31 years of my life, I am sick as a dog for my birthday! Yup you heard that folks, but I am not letting it get the best of me – I am going to ring in the new year like always! Wait till the ball drops at at 12:20 – start celebrating my 31 year of life! And may I say I am STOKED! Yes this 80’s baby is a 80’s rock lover, and says AWESOME, RAD, and STOKED way too often. And yes I will dance out to 80’s rock like there is no tomorrow! 2014 was an amazing year, a year filled with 21 wonderful couples, and dozens of wonderful families! I have got to capture thousands of memories, and hundreds of kisses – I am forever honored and humbled to have been part of some of the best days of their lives. Am I excited for 2015 – HELL YES! Do I know what it will bring? At this moment I have 17 awesome couples booked for AMAZING weddings, and some amazing family shoots schedules already! I CAN NOT WAIT!

But with all this awesomeness already, I have some high goals for myself. I am sharing just a few of them with you – I am a girl that aims high, and reaches for the starts. I am a Goal Getting for sure!

Here are some of my business goals for 2015!

Book a wedding or elopement in the mountains – this is a roll over from last year! Come on you adventurous hearts, book that elopement of your dreams! (and invite me!)

Book 8 more weddings – send those newly engaged friends my way Yo!

Get published in print – I have been published on some amazing blogs such as – Northwoods Wedding, TheKnot.com, Bridesmaids.com, Bitchless Bride, Wedding Wire – and MORE! But to be in print would be a dream!

Bring more personal life into my business – letting you awesome people into my life, since you invite me into your personal and beautiful memories.

Learn web design to design and update my website and blog myself.

What ever photographer loves to do every year – upgrade my camera and lenses

And find balance with work and life – this is a constant struggle with any business owner, and I hope to find a little more balance with each.

Here are some of my personal goals for 2015!

The typical New Year one – lose enough weight to feel comfortable in a bikini so I can toss out my Amish one!

Travel with Justin to another country – I would LOVE to go to Europe or visit a dear from in Aruba!

Get a new car – Bob the Jeep is almost at 230,000 miles – he is slowing dying.

Open up a personal print site

Weekly or monthly dinner or drink dates with my girlfriends.

And travel somewhere tropical – the most tropical I have been is Florida, and that SOOO doesn’t count!

Tell me some of your 2015 Ambitions and Goals for 2015! I will randomally pick a winner on January 5th – and that winner will recieve a complimentary Mini Session with Natural Intuition Photography! (Worth $175) WHAT!? AWESOME!

If you do not want to make your goals public, you are more than welcome to email me them by using the CONTACT page on my site or email me at naturalintuitionphoto@gmail.com


**Session fee is free, but a down-payment of $75 is due at the time of booking, this $75 will go towards your print order. Print Collections start at $220, a la carte digital files are $50 each or $325 for all)

Lauren 11:53 January 1, 2015 Reply
My biggest ambition is to make sure my wedding goes off without a hitch and all those Pinterest-y details fall into place. :)
Paula 09:00 January 4, 2015 Reply
Loved working With you guys this year! I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but as I was organizing junk drawers and nooks and crannies the past few days, I resolved to do it more often. Oh, and to clean my oven more than once every three years! :)

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