November 18, 2015

Art Center / Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0001Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0002Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0003Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0004Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0005Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0006Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0007Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0008Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0009Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0011Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0012Kimara Kris-9Kimara Kris-10Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer-1Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0014Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0015Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0016Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0017Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0018Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0019Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0020Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0024Madison WI Wedding Photographer_0025Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer-2Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0043Kimara and Kris were two of the funnest people to photograph at their engagement, so I knew there wedding was going to be a BLAST! And it was! Their wedding party was amazing, you could tell they all close and together were making the day memorable! When we stopped down by the river in Jefferson Wisconsin we had so much fun with this wedding party! My face hurt leaving them to head to the reception venue. I always express to my couples and friends about how important it is to have people you love in your wedding party – people who will make you laugh, cry with you, and help you on one of the most stressful days of your life. Even though the whole wedding party and couple were NOT nervous or all over the place, everyone was so calm. I couldn’t help but comment on it the whole day. Kimara was even asked by one of her bridesmaids if she was nervous, her response made my heart happy – She simply said “Not at all, when you know your marrying the right person it just feels right.” It was simply perfect, and oh so right!

Their reception venue was the best surprise when you walked in! From the outside of the Old Woolen Mill in Jefferson Wisconsin it’s just another commercial building, but then you walk in and their is a small indoor garden, beautiful windows in the dancing room, and an amazing flow to the whole venue! Throughout the whole night Kimara and Kris had smiles on their faces surrounded by their family and friends in a room filled with love and tons of laughs.  When it came time to dance the floor was always full! Justin and I stayed a little longer to capture as many of the amazing people dancing from little ones to grandmothers! When we left for the night to stay at a hotel that Kimara and Kris purchased for me so I didn’t have to drive home so late at night – and oh man were we thankful! As soon as we got to the room we passed out – Justin did before the lights were out.

these two people remind me how amazing love is and how amazing my clients are!

with love, christine


feel free to share to your hearts consent but I kindly ask that you do not screen capture or remove from this page. always remember to give proper credit when sharing, word of mouth is how we continue to grow and work with amazing people like those above. we are so thankful for what we get to capture and be a part of, so please do not steal. these images are copywriter under Natural Intuition Photography, and stealing these photos is like stealing food from our plates. 


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