May 11, 2014

Beautiful Mothers & Women


Today is Mothers Day – a day we thank our own Mom’s for bringing us into this world, and for all the things she has done for you through out the years. Our Mothers teach us so much, even when we don’t think they are or when we don’t listen. It is all a lesson in some way. My Mothers is one of the kindest, cooky, and strong people I know. She has taught me so much, I would not be the woman I am today without here. She was a teacher from years at Wild Rose Elementary in 1st grade. She gave all her students hugs when they left, and to this day when one of those students see’s her they give her a hug. And my Mom remembers each and every one of them.  In some way’s my Mom is the oldest 1st grader you will ever meet! She is always seen with a smile on her face, and her giggle will make anyone laugh.

Today is also a day that we think of all Mothers, those with children, those who have lost children, those who cannot conceive, those who adopt, those to give up what they have carried for 9 months to a loving home, and those who have furry little children. I can’t help but think of all my friends that are trying and wish every day for a little one to come into their lives – or to carry one of their own. I have heard too many stories of ones waiting and finally getting one to hold, to just have them taken away again. Think of those who have miscarried – my heart break for each and every one of you. And I dream, and wish and hope for you to some day, someday soon to get that special little one to hold, to watch grow up, and call your own.

It was said best today by someone I greatly admire in the photography world – Jenna Leigh Kutcher. Here are her words:

“While it is so amazing seeing a feed filled with beautiful photos and words for all the moms in the world, I know that this can be a challenging day for so many out there.

Whether you have lost your mother, or a child, you are struggling with conceiving, have strained relationships, or you are choosing to not be a mom, today can be a day that brings some to their knees. I would like to think that mothers are celebrated each and everyday and I am dedicating my day to everyone who has ever been a mom in any capacity of the word. Word to your mothers, you all are amazing!”

Today is a day to tell your Mom, your Friend, your Aunt, or a stranger that they are Loved, Beautiful and Amazing!

Below are all the Mothers, Soon to be Mothers, and Grandparents of all the wonderful women I have photographed over the years. ( if I have missed someone I am truly sorry)

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To all you Mothers and Women today is for you – your amazing, beautiful and Thank You for all that you do!

With Love



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