November 13, 2013

Belly Laughs / Stevens Point Wisconsin Family Photography


Family laughs, something that is a must at my sessions! All my session! I mean belly laughs too!! And sometimes it’s really hot and not so much fun for the little so I we have to make it fun for them, and still have some great photos. This little guy was getting hot in his cute little jeans, button up and onsey. So we knew he was tired after 15 min so we got him running around, jumping up and down and yes we did hold him upside down. He LOVED every minute of it too!

I know not every kid or dad wants their photos taken as much as Mom usually wants the whole family together – I know this because my boyfriend doesn’t always want his photo taken. Bribes are involved with Dad’s, husbands, boyfriends and kids. Adults it’s usually beer, kids it’s ice cream and candy or a new toy. I don’t bribe, I get them giggling. I ask the parent to tickle them hang them upside down, wrestle or run. This is a GREAT way to get natural real smiles out of the little ones. I have even had the kids make faces at me or their parents.

I leave most family sessions with a sore face from smiling, and laughing so much. Makes my job and life so full-filling that I am helping make memories with wonderful families.

Stevens Point Wisconsin Professional Family Photographer

With Love



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