October 28, 2015

Best Friend’s

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twenty years from now, i am gonna look back and remember that you were that one person who could turn every frown into a smile in a few simple words; that person who lifted my head when i was losing faith in myself; that one person who carried tears on her shoulders after every fight, every break up, every death; that one person that accepted every decision i made, that one person who knew who i really was and that one person that made the biggest difference in my life … my best friend”

Friends are the family you choose to have in your life forever, they aren’t blood but they are the best family you will have. These girl have been friends for years, they have done all the in the above quote. They are the ones they call for a drink, or when they need someone to talk to when they have had a bad day, they are each others family.

These girls ROCKED it out at their session in the misty rain, and we even did a few in the pouring rain! Yup that is how awesome my clients are! We couldn’t reschedule due to one of these awesome girls due date right around the corner. A beautiful woman who looks even more stunning as she is only weeks away from the day she meets a little one that will change her life forever. A little person that is going to change two wonderful peoples lives – I am for sure they are going to be amazing parents. These others wonderful ladies have amazing jobs and careers, with some amazing men in their lives that bring out the best in them. OH, and another one of these gals just announced that they are having a baby in the coming 8 months! These girls are amazing in so many ways – and they are even more awesome together!

we all have those friends we adore and go to when we need someone to talk to, and I simply adore best friend sessions!

with love, christine


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