November 2, 2014

The Birthday Girl / Carolynn Rynish

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Why does my sister get a full blog on her birthday? That is because I am spending the weekend with her and her husband in the Twin Cities, helping out another sister with a open house for her new studio. And I want her to know, as a busy Mom and wife that is an AWESOME sister!

Reasons why she is so awesome?

She put up with me the 5-6 years we lived together in La Crosse and Scandinavia ( I am not an easy person to live with I will honestly say! ) During some of those years I lived through some of the hardest choices I have yet to make in my life. It was a extremely emotional time in my life, and she was always there for me no matter what.

She is one of the best Mothers to two beautiful kids that I ADORE!

She has been the a huge supporter in my photography adventure – always game for new ideas I may have, comes up with marketing ideas with me, and there to tell me what that I shouldn’t be doing something when I think its a great idea.

Growing as the youngest of 6 kids and with the sibling closest to age being almost 4 years older than you, is difficult. All your older sisters and brother pick on you, your the youngest so you can get away with everything .. hehe. It took till I went to college and live with Carri for us to actually get along, for the most part.

But before things get mushy – if you see this girl in the next few days make sure you with her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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With Lots of love – your sister Chris


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