January 3, 2013

Birthday Wishes and New Years Resolutions


We all have have the good intentions at the beginning of every New Year – creating New Years resolutions.

Lose Weight

Go to the Gym more

Watch less TV

Eat Healtier

But before we know it January 12th comes around and we are back to our old selves – Sitting on the couch with the bag of Doritos – gym membership used a few days, TV on your favorite show.

I know this all too well – but instead of resolutions how about we all do LIFE CHANGERS! This year I am going to make small changes in my life, that I have already implemented in the past year. More time with friends, less time on the computer and so on. I am  making GOALS this year with my life and business.

Personal Goals ::::::

I did the Santa Hustle 5k in Milwaukee and LOVED it – it was so much fun dressing up like Santa, eating cookies and candy along the way. Can’t wait to sign up for MORE 5k’s in 2013. I got crafty for the holidays, and my gift cards are hand sewn – but plan on making clothes, shoes and LOTS LOTS more crafty things in 2013.

Wisconsin Photographer

Business Goals ::::::

I explained my one on one consults in my previous blog – and I plan on being 90% eco friendly by the end of 2013. Eco  Albums are already being shipped to clients – Eco Cards were used for 2012 Holidays – and more print products will be Eco Friend in the coming year. I will be having specials for Glamour and Baby Bump – I want to focus more on Baby Bump in 2013 – they hold a special spot in my heart. I SOOOO cannot wait to get a new computer, and lenses!!!!!! This spring I will be upgrading my computer so I can edit and get you, your photos FASTER! My Mini’s are going to be more personalized, ans stylized.

Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer

What are your goals or resolutions for 2013??? Comment below  for a  chance to WIN —- CASH —– towards your session. {up to $100 will be given away}

Much Love


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    Terri 13:41 January 5, 2013 Reply
    Every day is a new beginning. If I can remember that and move on from the mistakes and baggage of the past, I could re-invent myself everyday. Resolutions for a whole year are too hard, but in daily doses, I can do almost anything.
Carolynn 13:31 January 5, 2013 Reply
My New Year Resolution is to try to mail someone something each week (or at least every other week!). Who doesn't LOVE to get mail? So I'm loading up on postcards, cards & fun little diddies :)
Pamela Dopp 14:16 January 5, 2013 Reply
hello...my new years resolutions are this...keep learning new words, travel to an exotic warm tropical place, save $$, keep exercising, stay strong, fall in love (maybe a coupla times), brew my own beer, make my own soda, keep in better touch with family and friends.
Ashley Bores 16:38 January 6, 2013 Reply
2013 is going to be a huge year of change for me personally and for my family! We are going to FINISH our house remodel, prepare to sell our home and relocate to a new city, and help another family in a big, BIG way. Personally, I'm working to take more pictures of my children in an effort to truly document their lives, develop my own personal style, and put into motion the plans I have to grow my little business. We are also looking for more ways to give back to our community and help people wherever we can. Our family motto for 2013 is "find small ways to be a big help". We have lofty goals, but in my experience, you Go Big or Go Home. :)
Kate Konopacki 23:28 January 14, 2013 Reply
Like every year I seem to have a whole list of resolutions. The new year just feels like such a fresh start! This year they include: 1) get our health in order (exercise, eat better, make necessary doctor's appointments) 2) Be more present with the kids 3) give back to others more, through random acts of kindness or charitable donations. This is the first chance I've had to check out the new website. I love it! I'm so excited for our next shoot!
Sam Laswell 11:52 January 16, 2013 Reply
Hey! My new years resolutions... --lose 25 pounds and get back to my pre baby weight (and jean size!) --Grow a 2100 sq ft garden and produce all of our own food and preserve lots (also sell whatever is leftover and give to friends and family) --To not have to learn things the hard way and think before I DO! --To be a great mom/wife and the best person I can be! :) --To be grateful everyday and see the positive in everything (start a gratitude jar) --Get to know my neighbors --Spend more time with friends --Dress up more --Get a tattoo Many more... but trying to be realistic :)

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