January 9, 2018

JUDY & NIC | wedding preview

A beautiful intimate wedding in the Wisconsin State Capital Building with Reception at the Edgewater

Judy and Nic had a beautiful wedding in the Wisconsin State Captial with their closest family and friends in attendance. They said their own vows in front of the beautiful Christmas Tree. We took some fun photos around the capital building. The inside of the Wisconsin State Capital Building is BEAUTIFUL! I could photograph people in this building all day! But, we had a limited time so we used the best parts! It was too chilly to go outside so we used the light we were given by staying nice and warm inside!

Before heading to the Edgewater there was a short pitstop at Ian’s Pizza! Yes, a pitstop that includes Pizza??? YES YES YES! Then a change, some personal time to reflect on how rad the day was, then a fun reception until midnight at the Edgewater! 

It was amazing to ring in the New Year with some amazing people. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the year, than with Judy and Nic! 


CEREMONY | Wisconsin State Captial Building

RECEPTION | Edgewater Hotel

PITSTOP | Ian’s Pizza 

FLORALS | Eco Floral

HAIR & makeup | Organic Hair Pros

WEDDING GOWNS | David’s Bridal

JEWELRY | Crystal Avenues

GROOMS SUIT | Men’s Warehouse

WEDDING FAVORS | Event City Design

BAKED GOODS | Bloom Bake Shop – BEST gluten-free bakery in Madison! 

STATIONARY | Minted.com


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