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February 11, 2015

Celebrating Love Week

Couples Wedding


Stevens Point Wisconsin Wedding Photographer, Sentry World Wedding, Fall Wedding Photography, Bride and Groon, Modern Wedding Photographer

So this is the week of Love – the week were couples look at each other and sigh with this incredible feeling of love. A week where you remind each other how much you simply adore one another. I do this almost everyday with Justin – he might not know it but I do! There are days that I look at him, and think – Man he’s good looking! A complete random thought, and a smile runs across my face. He then looks at me with this weird look, and says “What? Why are you looking at me?” – haha

This was a week when I was single that I HATED! Me and some of my friends would where all black on Valentines Day, and go out and celebrate our Anti Love for Valentines Day. It was a freaking blast! I found out then that there was a whole Anti-Valentines Day Group! Yup! But, when you are single who really wants to be surrounded by couples and lovey dovey stuff? Very few of us, I tell ya! Last year, Justin had a bowling tournament all day so we didn’t see each other on Valentines Day. So, a friend of mine, my sister and I were each others dates, we went out to dinner with wine, and then to a movie. It was a blast! So I am telling you all single ladies, that you can have a blast on this so called Love Day! Get together with your girlfriends – go out to dinner, drink some wine and then head to a movie. I bet you will be surprised how much fun it is! OH – and I am not going to lie, I had flowers delivered to myself once for Valentines Day. No one will ever know if you don’t tell them

Do I love Valentines Day now? OH yea! I love that it’s a day that people express their love, not because they have to, but because they want to! Do you have to be romantic with flowers and chocolate? No way! You can give her a little plant instead of flowers, you can give her a card with a cute note inside, or cook her dinner. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to tell her you love her, or any! Just doing the little things too, like bringing her breakfast in bed, having the kids make her breakfast, or leaving a post it on the mirror for her to see. It’s not the amount of money you spend on her to tell her you love her, it’s in the little things that mean so much!

With Love – and Happy Love Week – Christine

PS – if you are planning to propose to your love this weekend and want it documented —- INVITE ME to tag along! I will be your ninja of love, to capture your proposal memories!


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