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February 26, 2016

Confession Friday / Hugging


Bridal Party Photo Ideas, Bridal Party Poses, Wedding Inspiration, Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I grew up with a Mom that hugged all her 1st graders as they left to go home from school – these 1st graders remember this and always hug my Mom when they see her. It’s a beautiful memory my Mom instilled in these little humans. She never pushed a hug on them – some didn’t take it and it was OK – but she loved sending those kids home with a happy memory everyday.

Even though I had this amazing Mom who loved to hug, I was not a fan at all. It actually took working at WheelHouse with an amazing guy named Kyle for me to adore hugs! He would hug me and hold on till I started to giggle. He is one of the best huggers ever – seriously! If you knew this guy you would agree! (and if you do know him you totally know how great of a guy all around he is!) My clients love to hug too, after all weddings I give hugs to all couples that are giving them out! I ask before, just in case when we first meet.  I even make my niece and nephew give me real hugs – and this always gets them to hug me super super tight – it’s freaking cute every time! But Hugging is always a good idea in my book, right!?

be prepared when we first meet that I might try to hug you – and if you are a huge hugger don’t be shy!

with love & hugs – christine


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