MAdison Wedding Photographer, BE Bold BE YOU
July 31, 2015

Confession Friday / WE’RE MOVING!

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MAdison Wedding Photographer, BE Bold BE YOU

I have had some ideas for weekly blog posts, but they didn’t feel right when it came to being more personable. So thus begins a Friday posting of truth. With each week I will post a truth about me, some are super truth and some are mini truths that you just might find funny or interesting. (this also stems from a little game I played with the Sloan Photographers at Field Trip in March.)

This week I am finally telling the world one of the biggest leaps of faith I will be taking in about 9-10 months. This is bigger than going to Alaska by myself, bigger than heading to California for one of the largest collection of creatives, and even bigger than starting the whirlwind career or photography. (and NO I am not having a baby!)


We have been talking about this move for about 2 years, and with the recent raise of rent here in Stevens Point, we decided it was time. We travel for most sessions and weddings so this move is for us as a couple AND for our careers. Justin still has to finish school, and will be doing that in Madison then starting a career in Accounting or the like (crossing fingers). We are so excited, and already looking for a place to live, so if you know of someone moving out of a rad apartment or home in Madison in May please let us know!

Some of you who are current clients are probably wondering what it means for you? It means that this move will better us as photographers and people – and there are no extra travel fees for the 1st year for current or past photography clients outside Madison. We are currently a featured vendor for two awesome Madison area based companies – Badger Farms & Love Madison Weddings.

What are we looking forward to most??? All the awesome local breweries, farmers market every weekend, the beautiful parks along the lake, and seeing some of the amazing people we have already befriended. OH my gosh people I am so excited!

YAY to amazing new adventures coming next Spring!

with love – christine


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