February 6, 2014

Dear 2014


A New Year is here – one month into you and I am so in love with you already !!!! I turned 30, jumped into freezing cold water to celebrate it! Justin got hired at Sentry Insurance, a temporary job that will hopefully turn into a permanent one! Booked a 2015 wedding – yup you read that right! 2015 couples are planner and oh so giddy that they are already contacting me to photograph their weddings! I also booked a small intimate wedding over looking Lake Michigan this coming Summer!

Those are just the great things that happened in January – I can’t wait to see the greatness that follows!

February is going to be just as amazing! I have some meetings with some wonderful couples, to discuss their wedding days this year and the next ! I am starting some personal projects – one is photographing Justin and I more, the other is a fun wintery session with some great couples!

The rest of the year is filled with AMAZING couples and their wedding days! And moving even further into my specialization of Maternity – adding in Sensual Boudoir Maternity sessions! These kind of sessions show even more how beautiful the expecting mama really is!

Instead of making resolutions I made a bucket list for 2014 :

-Book a destination wedding in the mountains – ( Tetons would be AMAZING … hint hint )

-Run a 10k

– Balance my work and personal life better

-Go on tropical vacation ( I have never been on one )

-Read at least one book a month

-Get rid of 1/3 of my closet

-cook daily

-Have a romantic dinner with Justin once a week

-Shoot for myself more – keep the creativity flowing

-Shoot video

-Craft more

-Let you all in on my style ( personal and business style )

 – Inspirational photo shoots

-Become an organization freak with my office and home

christine_kbp_0029 christine_kbp_0039
















Yup those two funny looking people are us! The people behind Natural Intuition Photography !

2014 Goals - Stevens Point Lifestyle Photographer - Family and Wedding Photographer

Molly Young 12:34 February 11, 2014 Reply
Hello! My 2014 year goals are to finish compiling a "bucket list" by the end of the week and do one thing per week for the rest of the year. Some items included are send a card to a friend I haven't talked with in a while, clean out my closet, complement one person each day for that week, etc. I hope that by doing this I can make habits out of some of the items and become a happier kinder person!
    Christine 14:53 February 26, 2014 Reply
    I am always adding to my " bucket list " hopefully I get to do them all ! Email me to receive your $100 !
Evelyn 07:57 February 12, 2014 Reply
My 2014 goals involved staying in touch better with old friends and family. I've been trying to send letters and care packages so people know I'm thinking of thwm. It's surprising how difficult it is for me to keep up with old friends, but I've always struggled with it.
    Christine 14:52 February 26, 2014 Reply
    Evelyn - your goals sound amazing ! I am going to add a few of these to my list ! Email me to receive your $100 !

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