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December 30, 2017

My Letter to the Past 365 Days

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Dear 2017, 
You were a crazy crazy year! Here were just a few highlights from 2017!

Photographed 25 Weddings, 29 couples, 11 families, 11 companies, & 1 high school senior

Hosted the 3rd Annual Rad Photographers Retreat & started planing the 2018 Retreat! 

Went on a Road Trip that took us to Seattle, Olympic National Park, Snoqualamie Falls to San Fransico California. And so many amazing places in between, like the Redwoods National Forest – man I love that place! 

While on that road trip we hiked to the ocean, where we saw a sea lion! It is also where I fell deeply in love with the ocean!

Photographed rad humans in 3 states, on 1 mountain & 1 State Park (many times)

Lived in Madison Wisconsin for almost 2 years with our fur babes Mylo & Otis

Learned to live with less & explore more

Just adored working with A La Crate Vintage Rentals partime (seriously amazing people & company!)

Those were just a few of the amazing things we got to experience the past year! 

So many goals were set and made throughout the year – we shot at venues we’ve been dying to shoot at. I go couples that trusted me full heartedly! I mean come on couples who trust that I put them in the best light, outside for short bursts in the chilly windy air, and shooting past dark so we could get some twinkly light shots! 

Am I saying that this past year was super easy, oh hell no! This year was full of major struggles that came along with the happy dances. Our fur babe Otis was nearly dead when we returned from our road trip. He had a bladder blockage that caused him to be in and out of the vet hospital for 1.5 months. We had to make a tough decision to give him a very expensive surgery OR to put him down. We didn’t think twice – he had the surgery! Otis is now curled up on the couch months after his surgery feeling like a kitten again. 

The hardest part of a job that is so personal is that your personal life leaks into the professional.

Which is where I think I struggled the most this year. I found myself so stressed out with my kitties health that it took up so much of my mind and body. These kitties are my best friends, they have helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. They are family and mean the world to me. I know I let things slide and I was not at my best possible self. My standards as a business owner were down and I got my first negative email in YEARS – and it broke my heart. I know perfection is a unicorn on mars, but I have high standards for myself. 

Remember especially this time of year when everyone is sharing their BEST OF for 2017 if you feel like your work is not up to par. Remember that life is not always what it seems. Take those blogs and use them to grow, write your goals where you can see them, and see just how epic your images will get! I believe in you! 


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