December 31, 2015

Dear Twenty Fifteen

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Wisconsin and Destination Wedding Photographer / CHEERS TO 2016!

Dear Twenty Fifteen,

CHEERS to 2016 ! What can I say about 2015? There are no words to express the love I have for the love I have seen, the adventures we have gone on – but I am going to try with this letter to you. You were an amazing year, so much change has happened so much to look forward to in 2016 too. I got to work with 3 amazing photographers on some amazing weddings, photographed 18 amazing couples day I DO and dozens of amazing families & couples! This year flew by with a destination wedding in Vegas, a mountain engagement in Wyoming, a mountain top anniversary session Colorado, photographed an elopement on the North Shore in Minnesota, and got to go to an amazing Adult Camp in California (Field Trip).

What have I learned from you? 

I learned how to customize my own website

I learned that being more personable in your business and blogging is so freeing

Leaving the house in leggings or yoga pants that you have worn for 3 days is OK – because no one out there knows that you haven’t showered in 30+hours! (haha – yes people this is the glamorous life of working at home!)

Cutting back the bar tending hours is OK – learning that life is not what you want anymore – when I graduated college I had no real career path. I was ready to travel the world working behind a bar for as long as I could – that at the time was enough for me. (and please know that I have dear friends that ADORE working behind the bar and the lifestyle, I am not down grading that at all – do what makes you happy!)

I have learned that paying off your credit cards is the best freaking feeling EVER – especially after you HAVE NOT used them in 6+ years! WHOA! That was when I was out of uncontrollably spending money on DUMB things!

Justin and I both learned that we wanted to move out of Stevens Point – so somewhere where we know we will be active and happy. We are both so stoked to be moving to Madison come Jun 2016! YAY!

The biggest thing that I learned this year is that it is OK to do what makes you happy – who cares that you don’t have a million likes on social media platforms, and that I am not making six figures. I am doing something that honestly makes me so happy, I smile and fill with so much joy thinking about all the love I have captured in the past years.

CHEERS to you and yours – enjoy the last few hours of this year, and embrace the new beginning and fresh start to the new year!

with love – chrisine // see you in 2016!


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