July 27, 2016

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Justin and I are Adventure Photographers, also known has Destination Wedding & Portrait Photographers. The past few weeks I have met some new amazing people near Madison since moving here, and when they find out my business name they geek out. (in a good way!) They start complimenting, and making me blush, then continuing with saying – you guys travel all over, don’t you!? Yes, yes we have traveled a TON in the past year or so. This year we are mainly in Wisconsin, but I have already traveled over 10,000 miles in my  Nissian. I am also thankful I got a new SUV for this year – my little Jeep Libery was on it’s last leg. We were sure that it wouldn’t have been able to handle the travel this year. We LOVE to travel, and we always look for new places to go, rather it be business or personal.

We work together at every wedding and most sessions to capture memories for amazing people. We laugh, hike, travel and play together. We share a little piece of ourselves with each and every person we work with. We strive to treat each and every one of you like you were our friends or family. We also wanted to share with everyone the love we have for each other.( Even though we are unmarried, in the legal sense). We have been in a relationship for 7+ years – we have seen each other at our worst and at our very best. Justin has been my main supporter in my dream of making photography my career. Being my shoulder to cry on when I thought I was a failure, and each time he helped me keep going. He is my rock for sure – and I am so thankful to have him by my side. We get asked if we are married all the time, and when we say no – they then why & is it because we photograph so many weddings? The answer is – we are happy, we are in no rush and we are madly in love with one another.

We traveled to Denver Colorado to meet a rad guy who captured us in our natural habitat, we love water, love to hike and laugh a ton with our clients. We treat our clients like family and mountains are where my heart lies. This video has been in the works as an idea for over a year, and brought to life by the awesome man behind – Films about Love.

This video says everything that I cannot even start to put into words – click play and get to know Who We Are.

Are you getting married in 2017 or 2018 in the US and looking for a photographer who loves the outdoors, hiking, and will go ANYWHERE for your wedding or elopement? We are you photographers – and guess what? I will travel to your wedding for just the cost of travel – your wedding day coverage and day after shoot are completely free. Yes FREE Wedding Day Coverage with the payment of travel cost! What travel costs? A plane ticket for two, at least 3 nights in a hotel – and car if needed. We will cover everything else!

FREE WEDDING - Natural Intuition Photo


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