The Dopp Clan

May 28, 2014

I came from a rather large family – 8 in all. 6 kids – 5 girls, and one boy! I’m the youngest of those 6 awesome siblings! I am pretty sure that is the best, and may I explain why:

One day my Mom pointed out that I am a good mixture of all my older siblings, and I thought about it and it is so true! I have learned a great deal from all of them, some good things and some not so good.

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From my one and only brother Dan : I’ve learned the importance of family, and how to act professionally. Leaving my personal life at home, and never bringing a bad day to work. Now when I worked on the family farm this was hard, because it was a big giant blur of personal and business. But that was the biggest lesson – to this day if I am having a horrible day I try my darnedest to not bring it to work with me. And he is one of the best ( 2nd to only my own dad ) Dad I know to 4 wonderful kids!

FromĀ  my oldest sister JoAnn – I have learned how to be girly! Yes she is the girlyest of all of us girls. She was a cheerleader in High School because she hates to sweat – while the rest of us were in Basketball, Volleyball, and Track. But JoAnn is someone I highly look up to, she is a hard worker building her own business – and may I say she is AWESOME at what she does! I have lots more to learn from this woman. I also, to this day learn from her how to run a professional business – in a way that is with dignity and no gimmicks.

My sister Laura is someone that I first learned my creative side. I do come from a creative family, where my Mom used to sew her own clothes. But Laura was the first to really get into Photography – and even had a dark room in one of her Chicago Apartments! How awesome is that?

Now Pamela …. she is the adventure of the family! She is the hardest working ( physical worker ) that I know to this date! She works building and maintaining trails at Olympic National Park in Washington State. She has to cut large Redwoods with the LARGEST chainsaw I have EVER seen! Before she graduated college she had traveled to Europe for school seeing most of Europe, Scotland and Ireland! I have only been to Ireland – I have a WAYS to go to catch up to her. She has also given me my love for camping and hiking – I miss it so much! We needs some major hills in central Wisconsin!

The best for last – My sister Carolyn! I adore this woman so much, you have no idea – and yes we are not a touchy feely emotional family …. but I owe so much to Carolyn. When living in La Crosse she saw the best and worst of me, and saw first hand me grow into an Adult. ( OK I will never fully grow up, but I am a long ways from the person I used to be, and so thankful ) She is also, one of the kindest people I know – the biggest thing she has taught me in life is to be kind to everyone – no matter who they are.

Being the youngest isn’t easy or hard – it’s like being an alien sometimes. I am almost 4 years younger than my closest sister, so it was easy for me to be that annoying baby sister – that wanted to hang out with the cooler older siblings. We fought ( sometimes we still do ) liek all siblings do, but growing up we all for the most part get a long. We’ve grown into Adults with our own stories – and continue to learn from one another. I don’t know what I would do with out each and every one of them – so thankful to call them all Family !


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