April 22, 2014

Earth Day


Today is Earth Day and I completely forgot! I had all these things planned for the day – plant some plants, even a special for you all. And sadly the only thing I got a chance to do today was have my coffee wrapped in a blanket on my deck to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight for a few minutes. Today is a day to celebrate te only planet we have – yes you can move to Mars for a million or so dollars. I am sure we all have that just laying around right? But if you move to Mars you won’t be able to run in the grass without a space suit and oxygen mask.

Here on this beautiful Earth of ours we have the soon to be green grass, beautiful trees, chirping birds, and cool lakes to swim in on those hot summer days. You can help keep those things beautiful just by simply recycling ( please read your city and states recycling rules, all cities and states are different ) planting trees, or oxygen cleaning plants, buying materials that are recycled even a little bit. Small things can change the world in a HUGE way. I don’t want to get preachy, because some people think recycling is stupid, but I honestly recycling just about anything that can be. Another reason why all products that I sell are eco friendly!

I am off my soap box now …..

Hope you all did something to better the Earth today – it will Thank You in the long run with clean air, safe water to drink, and beautiful landscapes to treasure for years to come.

Earth Day 2014

Get out there and enjoy the sun while it’s still out there today –  and enjoy the stars with a beer or glass of wine! Welcome Spring!

With Love



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