January 26, 2014

Eco Beauty / Recycling can be Beautiful / Stevens Point Wisconsin Photographer


There is a word that is everyone on my blog, website, newsletters, and emails. ECO … it is something that is unique to my business, something not many other companies do. I use eco friendly companies to print when my printer is malfunctioning, or big projects – they have beautiful paper ! They are always great people, I always can joke around with them when I go in. ( secret location … wink wink )

Being earth friendly is something I do in business and personal life – we recycle as much as we can – we always have to take out the recycling 3 times more than the garbage. Wow it makes it seem like we have a lot of stuff — but we are always De-cluttering and getting rid of paperwork we no longer need. Plus there are so many more things you can recycle that you just don’t think about – we rinse out all food bags and then recycle them – use the twist ties for other uses after we take them off the bread bags – and jelly jars are great ways of storing pens and pencils. You can re-use just about anything!

I use this concept into my business – I get recycled material to package my deliveries, recycled paper & pens, every year I get more and more eco friendly. My albums are hand crafted on eco friendly paper and fabrics – soon I will be offering the same for canvas and prints.

A few months ago I put together a goodie bag for a gift certificate and I had so much fun putting it together – I used recycled paper to make mini envelopes, went to my eco friendly lab to print out the price lists, and put in a beautiful frame from eco wood! Other goodies were also in the bag – take a look!

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