February 23, 2015

Emily the Photographer


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I met Emily through Instagram and we hit it off right away! She is a photographer over at E Photography & Design, in Appletone Wisconsin. She has this light personality that you just instantly feel comfortable around, and those KILLER blue eyes! She contacted me a few weeks ago because she wanted some fresh new photos of herself. She hasn’t had professional photos taken since High School!!!! I was excited to get her out of her comfort zone (on the other side of the camera) and have some fun! We met in Waupaca, and shot some photos in my two favorite alleys. Emily has great style, and killed it!

It was a SUPER cold day, where the wind was whipping through us freezing my finger tips. But through all this Emily was awesome, she wasn’t afraid to sit in the cold and let the wind take her hair. With her photographs I wanted to help her see that she is beautiful, inside and out. I adored our time together, and was so happy to hear back from her that she adored her photos and thought she looked amazing! And CONGRATS again on your engagement to the love of your life! It was great getting to know you, and hearing about your love for photography! Cannot wait to get to know you better!

With Love – Christine


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