October 31, 2014

Halloween / Favorite time of Year

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Halloween! I LOVE IT! Everything about it! The costumes, the horror movies, the candy, and the one day that adults can play dress up. This year I am being a little dull and dressing up as a Pirate – mainly because I don’t feel like showering, and I wear headbands all the time that resemble one a pirate might wear. Me and my sister leave Halloween decorations up all year long, I have had my spider lights on my deck for the past 1.5 years! Love them! Just bought a skull tea-light holder, looks awesome when their is a candle in it.

Seriously, what is there to hate about Halloween?

What is the real reason of this post? I really wanted to share these adorable photos of my sisters family! Yes they are on the blog two days in a row, they are that awesome! As a family, they send out Halloween Cards every year instead of Holiday Cards. This is another reason why I love the holiday, it is another reason to do something a little out of the ordinary. Fall is is an overflowing season of Engagements and Family sessions, along with finishing up the amazing wedding season. They all get dressed up, and I try to capture them as a family together in the costumes before they get thrown off.

My niece the adorable fury monster!

Stevens Point WI Fall Family Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0013

 My nephew the green eyed monster! Stevens Point WI Fall Family Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0015And my sister and brother in law as Superman and a beautiful Witch!

Stevens Point WI Fall Family Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0014

 Aren’t they adorable!? Yes yes they are!

Here is the custom Halloween Card I designed for their family!

Stevens Point WI Fall Family Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0016



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