April 9, 2014



christine_kbp_0003What is Happiness ?

To me it is :

Smiling just because. It’s not wanting to change a single thing in your life – well except maybe winning the lottery and getting a maid to clean my house weekly !

You can’t buy yourself happy – no books or magic star is going to “give” you the life you desire. Only YOU can !

I am not self help guru or expert but one day I just choose to be happy. Even on the days I want to scream, cry or break plates. I take a deep breath and choose joy. Even when you think you can’t, like when the kids are screaming, the bills are piling up with a depleting checking account, or the fridge is empty.

Choose Joy !

Focus on the on one thing that makes you happy – your home, your kids, the trees blowing in the wind, a pet, a plant – anything. Then take a deep breath and remember all the love your life has given you.

Sometimes I am not ashamed to say that I randomly dance, and sing to get a little happier. Just ask a few co-workers of mine ( Brandon loves my little boredom dances – and Justin has laughed so hard when seeing my happy dance ! ) Yes you read that right I do a little butt wiggle when I am happy – and I jump up and down with a WHAHOO! Even when I am driving I will bust out a little happy dance to the song on the radio – I have made a few people next to me giggle – happy to have made their day.

With Love – Christine

Photo again by the awesome Kate Bentley !


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