September 12, 2014

I’m gonna shoot that 30 Point Buck — oh ya!


Hunting Season is upon us! This has different meanings for different people!

For everyone that Hunts it means : Getting those tubs that are full of hunting gear out of storage – putting the clothes out side to air from all human scent – clean the gun, check the bow – buy new gear – put up the stand – wake up up before the sun, head out to the stand or blind, and wait. The anticipation of the hunt, the excitement when you finally see the one. You raise your weapon, aim-breath then WHAM!  The excitement and shakes you get when you hit it !

Then the stories begin – you retell and retell the awesome event to all your buddies and some strangers! You tell the how large it is, show them a picture – you are so proud at that very moment, and cannot wait to get out and do it again!

For the wives and girlfriends of those who do hunt : You know you won’t see your significant other for hours, or days, or even weeks! What do you do? Go shopping, clean, and have time with the girls. This is the time of year that there are craft fairs and event, local stores sometimes have sales, and you just see women everywhere!

For those who do not hunt at all : If you work at a restaurant or store, you are prepared to see woman after woman – you know that the men do not come in till later, or if you see them you KNOW They got a deer! So you are excited to hear their stories and see those pictures.

This is how I see Hunting Season every year! I am not a hunter nor is Justin – but my dad, brother and friends all hunt. I LOVE hearing their stories, their anguish of missing a BIG one, and all around find the hunting season entertaining. I would love to hunt, someday when I learn how to shoot a gun and bow I would love to go out and experience it all.

Good Luck to all you that hunt, and hope you shoot your 30 pointer! OR at least play the song!

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