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March 17, 2016

Introvert in a Extroverts Body

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Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - Wisconsin BrideEarlier last week I went to the Wisconsin Brides Social Event held at Onesto in Milwaukee.  I was asked by WI Bride to photograph the event – this is something that I have never been asked to do before. The whole day leading up to the event I was so nervous I had butterflies in my belly – it was made worse when traffic on the way to Milwaukee was HORRIBLE. We left with plenty of time, but lost minute after minute with all the traffic we ran into. (I do not like being late for anything – I love to be on time. Sometimes I am so early that I wait in my car till it’s time.) When we arrived at Onesto, I changed quickly in the car, and ran up the stairs. I felt like an idiot and bad business being late, but oh so thankful no cops stopped me on the way to make me even later. 🙂

This event was amazing to be at – I do not think I would have met as many new people as I did if I wasn’t asked to photograph it. I was that strange person going around slipping into groups, introducing myself and then ending with lots of laughs and hugs! The more I talked and laughs the more I started to stutter and act a fool. I love meeting new people, but to be fully honest with you all – it scares the crap out of me. I am always afraid I am going to say the wrong thing, they are going to think I am strange with my stuttering and clasping my hands (if I don’t do this I may spill someones drink while talking with my hands). Everyone I met was so warm hearted and wonderful to talk to and exchange business cards.  Some of these amazing people I have followed along virtually for years – it was wonderful to put a beating heart and face to the social world I already knew.

Putting myself out there through events like this, workshops and out of state adventures like Field Trip and Mentoring with Julie Paisley – have taught me that I am a strong and independent woman. Also, that the worst thing that could happen when we meet new people is that they just don’t like you. I am perfectly fine with the fact that I am not liked by everyone – that is something I learned very early on. But, as an adult it became easier to deal with. Giving everyone a chance and putting myself out there no matter how awkward I am is better than not knowing who they are – and losing the opportunity for a new friend.

put yourself out there and meet someone new – even if you spill coffee on them or stutter, you just might find a new friend!

with love – christine


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