January 20, 2015



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Today is a certain man’s birthday – he is a man that I :

Simply Adore

Wake up each day happy to go through life with him at my side

One of the best wedding day assistants a girl to ask for

A man that makes sure their is strong coffee made every morning

A man that make me laugh each and every day

Someone that knows more about sports that his friends call him E.S.P.N

Is a Marine through and through

And has one of the kindest hearts I know

That there is just a few things why I adore him both as a man and as someone who I want at my side for all time. No we are not married, but we hold a bond that is just wonderful!

How are we celebrating his birthday? We are going out to a relaxing dinner, then to the move – American Sniper! Then of course we are going throughout Stevens Point to get our free cups and drinks 🙂


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