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April 21, 2015

Kelsey // Lifestyle Headshots


Headshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye PhotographyHeadshot Photography / Lifestlye Photography

I seriously LOVE meeting new people, especially like minded and awesome people! I have been meeting with fellow photographers a lot in the past month, and last week I met Kelsey for coffee and a photo swap. Living in a town that is populated by mainly college students it is hard to find someone your own age and that is awesome to hang out with. Kelsey is going to college after leaving the Navy with her husband and recently moved to Stevens Point. We were both in the same boat with meeting people so I think it’s pretty awesome that we got together and talked photography and took some photos! Her camera wasn’t feeling it that day, so I took her to the outskirts of Stevens Point for some photos. And I am stoked to have found a new favorite spot in Stevens Point to shoot, this place was a dream! I cannot wait to see what it looks like in the Summer AND Fall! In the “off season” I always feel like I am in a funk creative wise and it helps to have sessions like this one! Where you try new things, shoot in new places and just have fun with it. She made goofy faces, we laughed, danced it out and had a great time. These kind of shoots also reminded me how awesome it is to just get out of the house and explore. I have become a little bit of a homebody and am perfectly fine sitting at home and cuddling on the couch with the furry little ones. With the nice weather I have gotten antsy and crave to do things outside.

Get out there and explore people! There is so much awesome and people to see!

With love – Christine


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