October 9, 2017

KIMBERLY & KYLE | Engagement Madison Wisconsin

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Pope Farm Conservancy Madison WI Engagement

When we chatted about their engagement session we could have gone to all the iconic Madison locations, but we all thought it would be awesome to go somewhere different. Kimberly and Kyle have never been to Pope Farm Conservancy – and it is so beautiful in the fall. It is especially perfect for a session with a 12-week old puppy! OH, my gosh did this puppy steal my heart! I am going to say it again – if you bring a pup to your session I will be in love, instantly! You’ve been warned 🙂

I am going to let them tell their rad story of how they’ve met:

We met unexpectedly on spring break in Florida in 2010. Neighbors in a condo where our groups of friends hung out together. We text all the way home on our rides back from spring break. We planned that our first visit would be Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Wisconsin which was approximately six months away. Kyle ended up visiting Kim within the month and the seven hour long distance relationship was established.

We alternated between long-distance and living together throughout the next 6 1/2 years going from 7 hours apart to 4 hours to 1 1/2 hours to half an hour than living together and back to 3 1/2 hours long distance, then 4 hours and finally living in the same city in 2015. We moved in together in July 2016 and coincidentally got engaged in September 2017 at Oktoberfest in La Crosse Wisconsin, which was originally going to be our first visit post spring break. The rest is history 🙂

You need to hear when they knew they loved each other – it’s like a movie:

Kyle: I knew from the moment Kim left my arms on spring break that there was something different about her. I knew she was worth the extra effort, and boy am I glad I put the effort in. Although Kim questioned whether or not I meant what I said, I knew I felt something special. Something about the way her smile and laughter fills the room. Her infectious personality made it easy to fall in love.

Kim: I knew I had fallen during a visit to Kyle’s campus, Purdue University. We were out dancing our hearts out at a local piano bar with some of his friends whom I recently met. I remember looking at him in his happy place with his friends and myself… Thinking this was love. I told him I love him that night.

A Spring Break that changed their lives forever! I am serious when I say that they could have someone write a screenplay of their story and make a box hit! Now, who would play them?

Joy leport 15:43 October 11, 2017 Reply
Beautifully setting. Such sweet pictures.
Sherrie Niewiadomski 15:58 October 11, 2017 Reply
kyle is my son,I am so pleased Kim will be my daughter in law..look at how much fun they have together.The pics capture the essence of them beautifully
Tammy Mormann 16:53 October 11, 2017 Reply
Gorgeous pictures ! Congratulations!
Katie b 17:49 October 11, 2017 Reply
I'm so excited Kyle for u future. I know u both have been working so hard and its finally coming together. I loved watching u grow as I was a young auntie. U have made me so proud. Love u both
Kate Niewiadomski 05:49 October 12, 2017 Reply
Uncle Frank and I are so excited for you both !! 💗
Cindy Klein 20:39 October 12, 2017 Reply
I am so excited for Kimberly and look forward to having Kyle as a member of our family, although I feel that he has already gained that privilege a long time ago. He fits into our family very well and we are all happy that Kimberly has been lucky enough to find someone so caring and loving. The love they feel for each other is very apparent in these beautiful images and lucky for them, captured for eternity as well.
Luke 20:30 October 13, 2017 Reply
Nicole Orth 20:32 October 13, 2017 Reply
Kim and Kyle are two of my favorite people!! I love that I was able to see their relationship blossom from that infamous PCB trip to country fest to now being roommates and everything in between! I can't wait for the big day! (PS: It was great meeting you Christine and the photos are fantastic!)
    Christine 21:14 October 13, 2017 Reply
    YES - it was fabulous meeting you!!! THank you for being the dog wrangler!!!
Jenny 20:37 October 13, 2017 Reply
I love how they turned out!
Aubrey Roberts 21:13 October 13, 2017 Reply
Talk about the cutest dog ever!! And the couple I suppose too! Gorgeous scenery. Pictures look phenomenal
Brian R 23:25 October 13, 2017 Reply
Now this is one beautiful couple. Great pictures but even better people. Congratulations and can’t wait for the wedding.
Britta 00:14 October 14, 2017 Reply
Such great pictures of great people. :) Glad I have some cool adopted family! :). Especially my nephew Opie. ;)
Josh Niewiadomski 00:23 October 14, 2017 Reply
Great pictures, love you both
Brandon Proctor 03:53 October 14, 2017 Reply
You two are so cute! And then there's Opie!!! Cheers!
Jess 22:13 October 15, 2017 Reply
Awesome engagement pictures! Can’t wait for the big day for these guys! So much love! 😍
Tammy Klinzing 18:57 October 21, 2017 Reply
Love all your engagement photos. It would be Hard to pick a favorite!
Kate Harms 08:14 October 22, 2017 Reply
These made me smile :) Probably because they are laughing in 80% of them. I love it ! Such a beautiful couple
Brittany 16:53 October 22, 2017 Reply
Beautiful, fun pictures!! These two amazing people are so photogenic!
Paul 18:42 October 22, 2017 Reply
What a cute puppy!
Susan Renner 21:23 October 22, 2017 Reply
You two look great. Couldn’t be happier for you guys. Look forward to all the happy times in your future.
Kelly Orth 20:17 October 23, 2017 Reply
The pictures turned out fantastic! All three of you are so photogenic ❤️
Christopher Junk 20:08 October 24, 2017 Reply
Great pictures (I think Opie stole the show) ;) Excited for the big day! Just keep smiling and it is just "another day in paradise!"

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