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May 3, 2016

The Importance of Family Photography


Family Photography, Lifestyle Family Photography - Madison Wisconsin Family Photographer

As a lifestyle family photographer, Little Humans always has me on my toes during his sessions! And during some shots while we are running and giggling.  With me  snapping away to hopefully capture them in pure joy! These are the photos that always makes parents fill with so much joy – these photos say it all. The pure joy that kids have just running, playing with stick while imaging they are swords or building imaginary fires.

During all my sessions I encourage kids to run, laugh, jumps be children! My camera has been called a Mary Poppins bag, pulling out pumpkins, pinwheels, rubber duckies and more! Anything to get a kid to smile or giggle. It usually ends up we me having the parents tickle their little ones, or Justin (my assistant) makes faces behind me, he has even been a monkey (yup a monkey) anything to get a laugh. Justin has even taken the kids aside to run, play, and make camp fires. Fake camp fires – they have even planned forts! After the session below the two little men took the sticks home to put with their fort in the back yard.

I encourage kids to be kids and remind parents that it’s OK is they cry and we have to take a break. Just like us they have a bad day and just want to be happy. I get it – there are days I wish I could just fall to the ground and stomp my feet. Seriously so tempted sometimes. Kids are amazing and this time of them being little goes by so fast – and their energy will slow and you will be reminded of those times when they begged you just one more time around the tree, more tickles and silly faces. You will look back at the memories like a film re-playing in your head. The belly laughs will echo in your mind and those bare chubby legs you didn’t want to cover when they were wearing diapers. These are the moments you hold on to, moments that are so fleeting. These are the moments I want to capture with you while you are in the moment with your family – no worries, not clocks, no work, just family. These moments that will adorn your walls, not just you minds.

these are the moments I want to capture with your family as a whole, not matter those extra pounds you think you have to lose, get off those devices and in-front of the camera laughing and being in the moment with you family. Moments, you can hold onto forever, not just as memories.

with love – christine


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