December 17, 2014

Little Miss Vivian


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Little Vivian was a darling, she was peacefully asleep when I arrived and to not disturb her beauty sleep I started photographing her right away. She was so beautiful sleeping there, I didn’t want to move her. But we had to capture her with Mom and Dad in her beautiful pink and white nursery! I am not kidding I GUSHED over this nursery the whole time! Well to be honest I think I invited Jessica to come decorate my home a few times! She has AMAZING style! Down to their Christmas Tree! The whole session we all couldn’t help but gush over Vivian the whole time – all her little baby yaws, grumpy faces, and even her hiccups, that she hates but I thought were so darn cute!

Let this wonderful family know how amazingly lucky Vivian she is! Comment on the blog and if there are 15 blog comments Vivian’s parents will get a complimentary 11×14 print of their favorite image!

With Love and many thanks – Christine

Adria 10:38 December 17, 2014 Reply
Love love love the pictures of sweet Vivian and her family!!
linda 11:19 December 17, 2014 Reply
Great pictures
Jessica Mull 11:55 December 17, 2014 Reply
I LOVE these photos! Thank you so much for capturing our love for Vivian! You're an amazing photographer!
amanda seubert 13:19 December 17, 2014 Reply
Just love how the photographer shows off sweet Vivian's hidden red hair. Absolutely beautiful family!
Heather Steines 14:15 December 17, 2014 Reply
I LOVE the pictures of Miss Vivian! She is so precious!
Justin Pagel 14:22 December 17, 2014 Reply
These pictures are amazing! Great looking family, and very cute little girl.
Linda Mull 05:48 December 19, 2014 Reply
These are just gorgeous pictures. What a nice job your photographer did of capturing your special moment with Vivian.
[…] first met this amazing family last year when little Vivian was only about 7 weeks old and we did a Lifestyle Newborn session with her family. To this day it is still one of my favorite newborn sessions! Little Miss […]

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