February 13, 2015

Mi Amor


I am continuing the celebration of love with today’s blog post. There a few things that I want to share with you that I simply adore! Valentines Day is more about your love for a significant other, it’s about love for family, friends and scarves! I told you how I used to hate Valentines Day on the blog earlier this week, but today  I am going to share with you the other things I simply adore.

1. Coca Cola – not the stuff that comes in a can – the yummy real sugar coke that comes in a glass bottle! I jumped for joy when I found a case of it at Costco! OH! And if you haven’t been to Costco – you HAVE to go! It ROCKS!

Valentines Day - Natural Intuition Photography-4

2. Pretty packages that come in the mail! This one is holding my #3!

Valentines Day - Natural Intuition Photography-5

3. SCARVES! This one come from a wonderful girl I found via Instagram – you  should check out her one of a kind scarves on her Etsy Page! I will be for sure living in this one daily!

Valentines Day - Natural Intuition Photography-8

4. I adore this cup I got for Justin for Valentines Day last year for 25 cents!! It’s a staple in our house to help us keep track of our pens – I am a pen hoarder ….

Valentines Day - Natural Intuition Photography-9

5. Kitty feet! I mean – if this doesn’t make you smile that I don’t know what to tell ya 🙂

(c) Natural Intuition Photography-04

6. Camping!!! I adore the outdoors, and hope to do more camping trips this year! There is just something about drinking wine by a crackling fire, no cell service and eating roasted marshmallows with the love of your life.


7. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!! If you know me at all I simply ADORE coffee, and cannot run smoothly without it!

Natural Intuition Photography - Wisconsin Photographer-20

8. And the one I adore the most???? This man! Justin is a man that I love falling asleep next to every night, makes coffee for me in the morning, and has a rad beard!

page 15-16

I encourage each and everyone of you to grab a pen and paper and write down at leave 8 things that you adore in life! Remind yourself that if you are single, that this “holiday” is not about having a significant other to celebrate with. Go out to dinner with your friends, check out a out a movie with family, or send yourself flowers. I have done each and everyone of them while I was single, and even when I was apart from Justin. This weekend is not about boys or girls, it’s about love of the little things! Live for today, not for someone else!

I adore you all, and have a wonderful weekend!

With Love – Christine


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