May 8, 2014

Mylo & Otis the furry littles


Yes you guessed it I am somewhat a cat lady! Everyone if you have not met Mylo and Otis yet – here they are! Making their debut onto my blog! You must think that I really don’t have anything else to write about or photograph other than my cats. Well… someone without kids these two are my models daily. Justin and I are not planning on ever having kids, these furry little are as close as we are going to get to having little feet running around our home. And may I say they are like kids to us – we have to feed them, if we don’t they get REALLY angry like human little’s. They bite when you don’t give them enough attention, like some human little’s. And they love to cuddle like human little’s, they will sit on my lap while I work late in my office.

Don’t get me wrong, cats are not as hard to take care of as human little’s – but to us they are work. And life wouldn’t be the same without them in our lives. We get asked a lot why we don’t want kids, they think it’s because we hate kids. This is so far from the truth- we LOVE kids. Every session we have with families and their little’s, we have so much fun! Justin chances them around, I make funny faces, we laugh so much! If we change our mind about having little’s of our own, we plan on adopting. There are so many children in this world that do not live in happy homes, and are in foster care; that we would love to give a loving home to someone who is in need of one.

Mylo and Otis mean so much to me it’s not even funny – I first picked them up at my Brothers house then took them to La Crosse where I was living at them time. I then left La Crosse moving in with my parents for a few months, to then move in with my sister in Scandinavia for a few years, then to Stevens Point to where I now live. ( we have moved twice while in Stevens Point ) You would think that these cats are pro movers …. HECK NO! Mylo wines the whole time like someone is murdering him, along with peeing EVERYWHERE! Otis on the other hand is WAY better, he just plunkers now, and goes statue did I let him out of the carrier. The next time we move we are sedating Mylo for sure – we think it will go WAY better!

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer(c) Natural Intuition Photography_0006 Wisconsin Wedding Photographer(c) Natural Intuition Photography_0007

If you are a cat lover like me you should then follow me on INSTAGRAM – here I post more photos of them : ) They even have their own hashtag!

With Love



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