December 27, 2013

Photograhed a Wedding with a Clown ??

Couples Personal Wedding

As a photographer I get asked a lot of silly questions like :::

Do you photograph naked people?

Would you photograph me naked? ( these were mainly men that asked these questions )

— I started telling people that asked these questions that I am naked while photographing people fully clothed.

The funniest questions I have gotten was when I was second shooting, and I was having a great conversation with some ladies during cocktail hour :::

” Have you ever photographed a wedding with a clown? ”

I was taken back by this question, and simply asked – ” Like, a clown as the Groom? Or ….. a clown wedding? Or …. with clown guests? ”

We laughed pretty hard, that we were both crying … HA!

I then told them ” If there were clowns at a wedding, I would throw my camera to my 2nd shooter or assistant and say I am going home! OR …. I would hide the whole time away from the clown! ”

I am terrified of clowns! I just don’t get them!

I know they are happy people, and they just have make up on. But, I hate that you don’t know who is under that make up.

I LOVE my job – the awesome people I get to meet, the silly and sometimes crazy things we talk about. I can’t wait to see the questions I get asked in 2014 ! Bring it on!

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