April 8, 2016

Why I Keep Up Old Photos

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Backyard Wedding in WisconsinI have been working on making my social media voice more to my current brand and I always wonder :

Should I take down the photos I posted when I first started photography? 

The answer always comes back – Heck no! I want to remind myself how far I have come and how much I have learned. Just because I have those photos backed up on drives and DVD’s, and that some of them are quite embarrassing, isn’t a good enough reason for me to delete them. I look through those photos almost weekly as a reminder of how far I have come.

We all start somewhere and no one is amazing right out of the gate – and for those of you who are rock on! But, I am not ashamed of the fact my first photos weren’t that great and were shot on a camera that cost me just over $700. My first wedding was shot with two rented cameras, because I didn’t think my gear was good enough. Those rented cameras I thought were going to be so much better? Well, they didn’t stay charged at all – every 15 minutes I had to change the battery. I was so thankful I had 2 back up cameras and plenty of batteries. It was a disaster!

The photos to some may look horrible, but to me they look like they did then. Beautiful Memories. They are memories of my learning, growing and adventure as a photography business. If I would have looked at those images and said I am horrible, I am going no where, my business is failing. Then I would have failed – I would not be here today. Those photos are going to stay up for me to look through and remind myself where I started.

 the past is part of who are today – keep those memories with you, no matter how ugly or dark.

with love – christine


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