January 4, 2018

SEPTEMBER | the month to get married?


Minneapolis Elopement - Fall Elopement - Natural Intuition photography

The most popular month to get married?

I truly hate saying I am booked for amazing couples that inquire! It breaks my heart and wants me to figure out rapid cloning! I always ask if there is some wiggle room and if not I send over a list of trusted photographers for them to choose. 

September is a SUPER busy month and I wanted to put it out there that we only have Friday’s and Sunday’s open in September and we would LOVE to book your wedding on those dates! If you are able to switch to one day earlier or later that would be fabulous! But, most couples book their venue first, understandably, and this is not possible. 

My plea to all couples out there?

Get married in June, July or August! Pretty please! Or get married on a Friday or Sunday! Getting married on Friday’s or Sundays allows you more open dates for your vendors, at least I think. Or throw weekends totally out the window and get married on a Tuesday! Elope on a mountain, in a small chapel, in the alley anywhere.

Where ever you say I Do – do it your way and make it the best freaking day ever!  


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