April 7, 2015

Print Shop / Now Open


Society 6 Prints / California (c) Natural Intuition Photography

I have been pushed by my family to offer some of my favorite prints and creations to everyone – so what did I do?? I opened up a print shop!! I am actually pretty stoked about this! You can get some of my favorites on phone covers, clocks and even RUGS! Yes people you can decorate your walls and floors in pretty images! The image above is one of my favorites, the only image that is available for a rug! You have no idea how tempted I am to get one for our apartment!

Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0044

You know what makes this even better? Right now you get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. That is just awesome right??? CLICK HERE to check out my online print shop and get your Free Shipping!

Get shopping friends!!!

With Love – Christine


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