April 12, 2017

Rad Photographers Retreat 2017 | Part One

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Rad Photographers Retreat | Wisconsin Photography Workshop |
A Retreat Where You Come as Strangers and Leave Friends

It’s been a week since I woke up on the first morning of the Rad Photographers Retreat. I work up at 645 to start breakfast and brew coffee for the amazing ladies attending the retreat. This retreat was an idea I had 3 years ago while drinking a bottle of wine (yes a bottle, don’t judge) with a friend. While chatting we wished there was a non-judgmental workshop we could go to of women. A place we can go to get away from life, reconnect with photography and dig deep into dreams.

The first retreat was in 2016 and there were just 6 ladies that attended. This grew to something where it was SOLD OUT in just a few months. 10 amazing ladies signed up to learn from 4 speakers. These ladies were scared when they reached for the door of the barn, as was I. Turning that knob meant so much to all of us. Once we go through that door, we will leave a different person.

No words can express how I feel.

Since coming home from the retreat I haven’t found the right words to express how I really feel. During the retreat, I teared up looking around. I never knew that I would sell out, I never knew that it would be a success, I just never knew. It was amazing looking around and watching the women that walked in shy, scared and alone. Every day I could see them opening up, becoming friends and blossoming. It was simply a beautiful thing to experience.

The above women are now part of a tribe of strong and talented women. These women are there to lift each other up when needed. A place to go if they have a question they can ask and not be judged. We are all there to remind each other we are not alone.

Rad Photographers Retreat 13:29 April 13, 2017 Reply
[…] Read more about the retreat from the creator, Christine, here. […]
Emily steffen 22:02 April 13, 2017 Reply
What a weekend!? I was equal parts thrilled and equal parts humbled to have been a part of this! ❤❤❤

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