January 4, 2013

MaMa Gretchen


Just a reminder I ADORE BABY BUMPS! So when I heard that my dear friend Gretchen was expecting again – I JUMPED to take her belly photos! She is gorgeous, her little man Pax is such a ham, and her hubby is great! Her hubby didn’t want to get out of his sweat pants all week, and was hiding from the camera, so I didn’t push it – hehe. I concentrated on Gretchen and her baby bump. Not going to lie I did get distracted by her little man Pax – he was running around with his new tiger and giraffe Jerry. Plus the little time I got to spend with my dear friend I devoured it – they are just such a great family – silly, loving, and just so kind to each other.

Gretchen is about 7 months – and her little bump is just so cute. She kept trying to make it bigger, which made me giggle so many times. She is one of the  most beautiful Mom’s I have gotten to photograph – plus her laugh is so contagious!

Tomah Wisconsin Materintiy Photographer







Tomah Wisconsin Materintiy Photographer

Isn’t my dear friend BEAUTIFUL???? I am so happy for her and her family! And I can’t wait to meet the little man in March 🙂

Much Love


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