December 4, 2013

Senior Photography Today / One Frame / Central Wisconsin Senior Photographer


I look over the seniors that I have photographed over the years, and I always think about my senior photos and photo-shoot – and think WOW times have changed! The style is so much more relaxed, personable and fashionable. Even in studio senior photos ROCK! The things I see my fellow photographers do in studio is so inspiring! I sometimes wish that I could re do my senior photos NOW! But that would be a little strange to have a almost 30 year old signing up to do senior photos? HA! That would be a site!

As I start marketing for 2015 Seniors I remind parents that their son or daughter has their own personality, and I want to capture it! In a classic but modern way. I still get the poses that the yearbooks want, and that Mom’s and Dad’s want to adore on their walls. But I also get the shots the Senior wants, fun unique ones, the ones that show their personality, their uniqueness. So yes I may dance, or make silly jokes about myself to get you to laugh. Or I make myself sound REALLY old by trying to do a movie reference and the Senior looks at me and says … huh? What movie is that from? HA! Doesn’t help that I am to current on the newest movies, actors, music and so forth. But hey if my dorkiness gets you to laugh I will keep it up!

The two seniors I photographed this year were from Antigo Wisconsin – and they are my “REPS” and my faces of Natural Intuition Photography Seniors for at least the next year! Yes I warned them that their faces would be everywhere! I even made them business cards! These two I felt lucky to photograph, they were the best in every way! And their parents were AWESOME! Brian was so laid back, and he thought I was cool <— yup that made my month! And Maggie has some of the best style, and she has the best smile and serious face out of anyone I know!

I photograph limited seniors, and the ones I get I am meant to photograph! And I am in awe of the beauty of today’s photography – especially High School Senior Photography! And I can’t wait to see where it brings me, and the awesome seniors I will photograph!

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