October 22, 2015

Stevens Point WI Portraits / Bossart Family


Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0001Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0002Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0003Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0004Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0005Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0006Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0007Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0008Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0009Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer_0011I always feel a little extra honored when families come to me that I knew in school. I am not sure why, but it always adds a little extra pressure. Oh, and not to mention that I am not sure what to talk about // but this family was so much fun to work with. We just laughed and played with their kids. Two girls that have so much spirit and joy for life it was a breath of fresh air. I took them about a mile down the road from my apartment, another place I love to shoot. The light is always dreamy, and the tall grass and trees are always beautiful. At the time of their session there wasn’t much color on the trees, but the golden light made up for it ten folds … am I right!?

I love that this session didn’t have many or any really of the family looking at me and smiling, just real moments and joy as a family. Life isn’t all about the still posed moments of trying to get the little’s to look at the camera and smile. It’s about the candid moments, the ones where your little one runs down a path, jumps for joy – even if they only made it an inch off the ground, the smile is always so big.

This family is what family is all about … love, laughs and those few moments that get away from you.

with love, christine


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