June 10, 2014

Our Sunday’s


Since wedding season started just over 4 weeks ago – Sunday’s are very different around our home. Justin works Monday thru Friday at Sentry Insurance, while I edit the day away in my home office. And lately I have been traveling to, venue tours, meetings with clients, and meeting with some awesome new vendors. So seeing each other is only a few hours a week – even though we do shoot weddings together every weekend, it’s not the same. I adore having him there with me, and wouldn’t change that for the world. He is the best assistant a photographer could ask for!

But on Sunday’s this is what we do, ( if there are no meetings or sessions scheduled ) we order pizza, sit and cuddle on the couch, and watch TV all day! We rarely leave the house! Last Sunday we went to a movie, and took a nap in the park! We had to douse ourselves in bug spray, and find a way to keep the sun out of our eyes …. Buuut! It was too nice outside to stay in doors! Don’t get me wrong as soon as I got home I took another nap … shh!

I adore Justin to pieces, I am forever thankful that he is my assistant, and #1 supporter! I couldn’t ask for a better assistant at weddings, kid and dog wrangler, and just plain awesome of boyfriend! We have gone through some up and down’s as a couple, but through it all we always come back to how happy we are together. We rarely fight, but when we do we always make up. Neither of us are the cleanest, but we balance each other out. I could go on and on about how much I love this man, but who really wants to read all that gushy stuff? hehe

Rhinelander Wisconsin Wedding Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography-03

With Love – Christine



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