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Stevens Point Family Portait PhotographerFall Family session in the WoodsGap Baby Style Family SessionMother and Daughter LoveWisconsin Fall Family Photography_0006Wisconsin Fall Family Photography_0008Wisconsin Fall Family Photography_0009Wisconsin Fall Family Photography_0010Wisconsin Fall Family Photography_0011I first met this amazing family last year when little Vivian was only about 7 weeks old and we did a Lifestyle Newborn session with her family. To this day it is still one of my favorite newborn sessions! Little Miss Vivian was simply beautiful, and oh so sweet! She wasn’t any different one year later, little Vivian was so quiet, and always gave me such a serious face when the camera went up. She stole my heart for sure! This family was a serious joy to work with, we talked, laughed, and did a few jumps to get the best smiles out of Vivian. OH, and the joy and smile that was on her face when she walked on her own … ah be still my heart!

I hope to see this family grow for years to come – and if you want a bow just like little Vivian’s be on the look out for her Mom’s Etsy Shop! I will for sure be sharing it as soon as it’s live! Every Girl needs one of these, I just may order one for myself!

with love, christine

Beautiful Fall Portraits - Stevens Point WI
Beautiful Fall Portraits - Stevens Point WI

Fall Family ession in Madison WisconsinHappy Kid in the Fall - Wisconsin Portrait PhotographerBeautiful Fall Portraits - Stevens Point WIBeautiful Fall Portraits - Stevens Point WIWisconsi Portrait PhotographerBeautiful Fall Portraits - Stevens Point WIChildrens Portrait Photographer - Madison WI PhotographerBeautiful Fall Portraits - Stevens Point WII have photographed my sisters family for five years now, and almost every year it has been in the same location! This location is less than two miles away from their house. It has a barn, a field filled with wild grass and flowers, a trail, a lake, and now pine trees. This place has SO many options available for photos and always the best light, no matter if there is no sun out. This was the first session in this location that the sun was not shining, but it was still a fun filled and amazing session!

My sisters family is always my favorite session because it is a session that I try new things, and experiment. It also doesn’t have a time limit – we just chat, run around with the kids and have family time! This session was a blast like always, those little humans can make anyone smile! They are like best friends … that every once in a while dock one over when they are running, or dump dirt on ones head or just pull them when they want to run. Siblings … right!?

Just wait till you see their Halloween Costumes! Stay Tuned!

with love, christine


Holiday Family Session, Stevens Point Family Photographer

It’s that time of year! The dreaded time for that updated family portrait for your holiday card! I am here to help make that dreaded time AWESOME! This special is a one time one week only affair then it’s gone forever! Why should you do this? Well if the savings of hundreds of dollars doesn’t get you then I want you to have fun beautiful images to showcase to your family and friends. These images will be hanging in home for dozens to see on their fridge, door ways and online. So why not have a great time with us while the kids run around giggling, and then have beautiful cards designed right away to mail out to your loved ones to adore!?

What’s all included you may ask?

30 minutes of laughing, tickles, and kisses

15 digital files with print release

travel up to 45 minutes

online gallery for easy sharing & a la carte ordering

When do these sessions have to be scheduled?

September 6th – November 15th // this is to ensure adequate ordering and designing time to be delivered to your home and mailed out to you loved ones by Thanksgiving.

How I book this awesome session?

Email me, pick a date, fill out contract and mail it back to me with payment in full … BAM you are on the books for an awesome photography session!

 Now friends, this is just plain awesome! If you would book a session any other time of the year it would be $500+ for all the above! Why am I doing this?? Because I want to give you natural and joy filled photos to adorn your holiday cards this coming holiday! I adore what I do, and getting to know more and more people doing it! So lets get you on the books and get you some awesome photos that your family will melt over when they get them in the mail! Questions? email me them, I will answer all that I can!

see you all soon!

with love – christine


Yes it’s fall, the time of year that you dig out your favorite sweaters, scarves and boots to wear. It’s also the time of year people start to think of the holidays, and updating their families portraits. The leaves are changing, and you get that rush of … CRAP we need to schedule our session before the leaves blow away. So you panic, and contact your favorite photographer, dang it they are booked, then you panic some more, maybe pull out your hair a little, and contact more photographers. This is the time of year that we book up fast, and want to get in everyone before the leaves blow away and the trees are empty.

BUT …. there is not need to panic! Take a deep breath in …..and out…. and remember that all you need for beautiful family photos this time of year is : you, your awesome family and love!

I have been talking with a lot of families, couples and friends about this time of year. It is filled with a lot of panicking … am I going to get all my Christmas shopping done, how many cards should I send out, am I going to have to make the kids costumes, how many bags of candy do I have to buy ….. ect. I seriously do not want your family portraits to be on that list of things to stress out about. I know the leaves are beautiful, but if you hire a photographer you trust and the leaves are gone you can still get beautiful memories captured and updated photos of you and your family. Take for example this super sweet engagement session of Luke and Betsy’s in Wausau Wisconsin – last years Fall lasted a whole 2 weeks, and the leaves were gone EXTREMELY fast.  There were very few leaves during their session on the trees, but with careful placement, and adding of a lace backdrop and a fall colored blanket fall was clearly present in their photos. And with the clean mini trees (I call them), it made for beautiful lines in the background, and the couple was the main focus.

Fall Portraits, Fall EngagementsWausau WI Stevens Point WI Wedding Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0048Wausau WI Stevens Point WI Wedding Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0049



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