November 25, 2014

Greatful with a Thankful Heart



This time of year we are all thinking of everything that we are thankful for – and I have said this before (many times) but you seriously have no idea how freaking thankful I am for each and every one of you! Every single person that I have photographed, met at weddings, emailed, liked my posts, read my blogs and all you cheerleaders out there! You guys all ROCK MY WORLD!


I cannot express exactly how thankful I am with words, but the way all the love of “likes” on Facebook, the emails and the phone calls make me feel. There are times I look at Justin and I tell him “I have met and worked with some of the coolest people on this planet, how is this my life?” Seriously how did I get so lucky? I leave potential wedding and portrait clients and I leave with a feeling like I am walking on air! They make me so happy, and oh so lucky to be doing something that I love so much! I never thought I would be working at home, that most days I work on the couch with my laptop on lap, un-showered, no make-up, and kitties cuddling nearby. Working at home was never something that I thought I would be doing, since I was a teenager I would sit at our desk at home pretending to be the boss at a big corporate office with a secretary even! I would pretend to answer the phone, and take business calls like a pro. I just never thought that it would all come true! And may I say it is pretty AWESOME!

I will forever be thankful to my awesome other half – Justin – I do not know what I would do without his support! He is awesome at coming to as many meetings as he can, shoots every wedding with me – even if it’s a Holiday and we are in Minnesota away from his drinking buddies. These weddings are on weekends that he would normally have off, he doesn’t have to come with me and give up a day off but he does and he rocks the day out with me. He wins the boyfriend of the year for sure!

With so much thanks – Christine

Photo by my awesome friend Emily @ Emily Schmidt Photography


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