November 25, 2015



Adventure Photography (c) Natural Intuition Photography Christine Dopp-7Adventure Photography (c) Natural Intuition Photography Christine Dopp-28

I want to share my extremely thanks for how amazing my clients are! You all get a million giant hugs and high fives for being the best people EVER! Each wedding I have done this year hold a special place in my heart with the rest of the amazing couples I have been trusted to photograph their story. I have seen so much love, so much heart, so much joy in one year – there aren’t words to describe the love I have experienced and captured. I usually share this mushy stuff for my final blog of the year, but you all need to know this right now – I am ever so thankful for you in my life! I would not be where I am, do what I do if it wasn’t for you!

I am also very thankful for the man that I have by my side in life, love and business! A man that took weeks off his job to come with me to Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico and Northern Minnesota. A man that I run all my business decisions by, just in case I don’t do anything rash and not worth it. Sometimes I dream larger than I am, but everything I do is to experience as much as I can, and to better my life and my clients lives. As humans we have an extremely awesome ability to go around the world, see amazing natural wonders, meet beautiful new souls, and live as much as possible. Every experience I have opens my heart even larger, and allows the creative part of blow up. I am an extremely passionate person, who doesn’t express it much in person, and I don’t always express it much – I always jumble it with sarcasm or stuttering.  I am hoping with this heartfelt blog it will allow you to see a little bit of my heart and soul – and express how blessed I feel to be experience this amazingness with all of you!

thank you to all the amazing couples and families that trusted me to photograph their stories, i hope to capture and experience many more adventures with you in the coming years!

with so much love and thankfulness – justin and christine, we wish you an amazing thanksgiving filled with family and love!


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