March 3, 2015

The Power of a Photograph


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer (c) Natural Intuition Photography_0032

With the thousands of images I have taken, and beautiful moments that I have captured – there is one image that always sticks out in my mind. This image to this day makes my heart melt, and eyes tear up. Betsy’s Father Daughter dance was an emotional one. You could feel and see the love he has for his daughter. It was so hard to shoot while my eyes filled with tears of love and joy. This image captured by Justin during the dance, is filled with so much emotion. So much love. This right here is seriously another reason why I adore what I do. These moments are not posed, they cannot be recreated. They are emotion that just happens, and I get the honor of being there to capture them. And another reason why I am so happy that Justin shoots with me. Why we stand in opposite spots at all times, so we capture the different angles, and raw emotion. That if he wasn’t there, this moment would have been missed.

As a photographer we try to be a master ninja on the wedding day, but we can’t be everywhere. This is why most photographers have a 2nd photographer, or in my cases sometimes a 3rd. Where I was standing, I got some beautiful images that are filled with just as much love – but they don’t move me like this image.

At Natural Intuition Photography we believe in raw and authentic emotion filled images. And along the way from meeting to I Do and beyond we work together to create a fun and awesome experience with us. We treat each client like they were family and friends. This is how we capture raw emotion like this image.

With Love – Christine


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