January 22, 2014

To Cancel or Not to Cancel / One Frame


When it comes to my photography sessions and weather ….. I can not control Mother Nature and sometimes she loses the memo about me wanting to have a photography session. On a day of a session I wake up, look outside and see what the weather is – then as the day goes on ( depending on when the session is ) I constantly look outside, walk outside, and make lists in my head about the weather. Sometimes I get soooo freaking excited about the weather! Most of the time its PERFECT, and I jump for joy! But then there are others, where I find it iffy. I stare outside, stand outside and make those lists. If like today is blowing nearly 20 mph winds, and 2 degrees – I stand out in it, feeling, dressing how the client would, imaging the photos I could/couldn’t get, imagining their comfort level, if they are going to be having fun or painfully pushing through it for the memories captured. As I make those lists,  and weigh my options, I struggling if I should cancel or not. I can honestly say last year I cancelled one session — yup ONE! JUST ONE! I was lucky I could say that I had great weather, but there were some days where it was storming, and I said ” Lets Go For It ! ” and we shot a BEAUTIFUL session! The one I canceled was due to horrible stormy weather that did not end – was sad that I could do it. But knew it wasn’t going to change.

This year already I have cancelled two – TWO! The first one was my nephew at 2 weeks old and I woke up with the worse stomach ache ever! I called and told her that I was feeling ill, and didn’t want to pass it on to Reid, so we pushed it a week to be safe. Today I cancelled a Maternity session in Waupaca due to 20 mph winds, and cold. The session was going to be mainly inside at her home, but I knew she had her heart set on some out in the snow. I did not want to compromise her health or comfort to have her stand out in the wind and cold. I struggled with this  for a few hours – staring outside, standing out in it, walking, shooting. Determining if canceling was worth it. I made the final decision that it should wait a week, wait for calmer winds, and beautiful snow. Next week is going to be chilly, but a new snowfall will be beautiful, and the winds will be ( hear me Mother Nature ) calmer!

Canceling is not something I like to do, and I consider it a challenge – but I will not by any circumstances jeopardize a clients, comfort, health or quality of photos. And when I do re-schedule I make it worth it! So in exactly one week you will see how I made it up to a certain MaMa!

2014 Winter Storm (c)Natural_IntuitionPhoto--01Central Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


[…] in the 20 mile and hour winds for even a minute. ( Read the blog post about why I cancelled by CLICKING HERE ) The rescheduled day was BEAUTIFUL ! The sun was shining and 15 degrees ( Wisconsin heat wave ! […]

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