May 26, 2014

Today I’d Like to Thank ….


This is a day that I would like to Thank : My Grandfather, my Boyfriend, My friends, my Classmates, My  Clients, and those I have met and do not know. Today I Thank all the vets that have served are serving and will serve – this is a day we remember those who lost their lives for us. Fought for all that we have – Freedom came from their blood, sweat, tears and Love for this county.

Today is a day that we all raise a glass, bow our heads, wave a flag and be Thankful for all that is around us. Today is not just a day that some have off of work, or grill out – it is a day that we remember.

I will never fully be able to express my love, my support, my thankfulness for those who put their lives on the line for us – no matter you job in the military, you are important – you are remembered. I would also like to Thank : Those who are at home while their loved ones are away. You are the rock behind them – you keep them going while they fight. Thank You !

Memorial Day


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