March 27, 2014

Traveling Photographer


I am a gypsy at heart I swear – I LOVE traveling! Or it might be because of my parents – growing up in our family we went on vacation every summer. This was hard with my dad being a farmer, it wasn’t always easy to get away. We went to a different state almost every year – the only states we didn’t get to are : Maine, Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii. I have since gone to Alaska on a solo trip to work 150 miles North of Fairbanks – and 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. While there I traveled to the top of the world, Barrow, Alaska. It was a great adventure! Sadly the only country I have made it to is Ireland – and I am sorry Canada does not count : )

I am dreaming of the day I get to travel to Japan, Indonesia, Africa, Europe, and South America. I plan to travel more yearly, with my awesome boyfriend. We already started a fund for a trip to Europe! And I plan to go camping a few times this year – I have missed it’s simplicity. I yearn to experience everything this world has to offer – adventures await!

I am also dreaming of photographing people in love in the mountains. I am in love with the mountains – I am serious! When I retire it will be in the middle of now where, with a view of a beautiful mountain range. A place where I can hear the birds chirping, and the wind blowing. My favorite range in the US is the Grand Tetons in Wyoming – LOVE LOVE LOVE that place! ( hint hint brides out there ! ) It is a very under rated National Park, and always highly encourage everyone to visit it at least once – and stay for a while and take it all in.

Below are photos from : my sisters and I’s trip out West, Ireland with my friend Gretchen, San Diego with Justin, below the first mountain that I climbed – Sukakpak Mt in Alaska, me on some rocks on the shore in Ireland, and the Grand Tetons ( FAVORITE RANGE IN THE US! ).

Madison Wisconsin Engagement Photographer(c) Natural Intuition Photography_0029

Travel …  do I travel? HECK YES I do !

No matter where you are getting married I will travel to you ! I love meeting couples from all over – and hearing their stories. I may be located in Stevens Point Wisconsin – but I have weddings all over Wisconsin and even one in Minnesota. When it comes to the initial consultation I have met couples in the middle, or via the phone conference. I will soon add Skyping to this ! It is great to see the face that goes with the voice !

No matter where you are getting married, I would LOVE to photograph your wedding, no matter if it’s on-top a mountain, in a field, a backyard, hills of Ireland, ANYWHERE! I even have totally awesome pricing for out of country and state weddings ( states outside of the Mid-West, like Colorado, New York, Maine, the Carolina, Montana, California … and MORE! )

New York City(c) Natural Intuition Photography-02

The photo above is taken last September in Central Park, New York City. This country, mountain loving person ADORED this city! The history, the culture, the food, the flower stands ( really want some here in Stevens Point ) and seriously the energy. May I say that it is one of the cleanest cities I have visited to this day also – no cigaret butts everywhere, only a few pieces of garbage blowing around. My I must say my favorite part of the city has to be Central Park – we only saw a little bit of it, but wanted to stay there all day. I am a HUGE people watcher and this park is AMAZING for just that! I cannot wait to travel back to the city someday and see more of it.

No matter near and far – I will travel to you !

With Love



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