May 12, 2015

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As I type this blog I have butterflies in my stomach – I am getting Adventure Inspiration while watching “Into the Wild”. This movie pulls on my wanderlust heart – even though he could have easily saved his own life by doing research …. but I am not going to get into that. Alaska has a special place in my heart after working there one Summer with some of the best people I could have asked for. It also re-started the travel fire back up in my soul – since I was little my family traveled the US, and we made it to most of the inland states. We never flew, always packed all eight of us into the family Suburban with a cooler of food and our bags and drove. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my childhood summers, even with all the bickering and 8 people in one tiny hotel room. To this day I crave adventure, if you follow my blog or instagram you will see that I love love love adventure! Even though I don’t go to multiple countries or states for weeks on end, I do find adventure in everyday locations. Life is an adventure – and everyday travels can be pretty darn awesome if you take a look around.

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Before I keep rambling on I am finally going to tell you what all this Wanderlust Collection business is about. Well, from what you just read I love to travel and just telling people I will go wherever isn’t enough for me. So for 6 lucky people who live outside of a 6 hour drive are looking for a photographer that craves adventure and new people they will get a COMPLIMENTARY SESSION and DIGITAL when they purchase of travel. Wedding Collections are $1000 plus travel for Justin and I.  Full details are available by email – just send a little note to

Current Travels Dates are:


What does this mean for those of you who are planning a wedding on the beach in Jamaica or with the mountains in the background? It means that you get me there to capture your memories for an awesome price of $1000, 2-3 night stay, and a plane ticket for Justin and I. This also comes with a rad day after shoot with your honey! I have to say that it is freaking awesome!

Do you live outside the 6 hour radius? I would love to come out and hang with you while having an awesome photo-shoot in the mountains, on the beach or a field of flowers. Or if you are love of the Urban Jungle – I would love to explore with you.


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