July 18, 2017

Wanderlust is in Our Blood

Travel is our Life!

It didn’t really hit Justin and I that we travel so much until a bridesmaid mentioned something! While our Bride was introducing us to everyone, one of the bridesmaids mentioned that they follow us on Instagram that she sees us all over. So far this year we have traveled over 7000 miles. These miles have been mainly Wisconsin – which is SUPER easy to do!

We are adding a few plane rides to these miles! I just flew a couple weeks ago to Washington State for the Cascade Workshop. Now Justin and I are leaving for Washington State again for a road-trip to San Fransisco for 2 weeks! Two amazing weeks of hiking, camping, and new places! Next February we are traveling to Mexico for a couple’s wedding on the beach! We are also talking with TWO amazing couples about their destination weddings! They are having a hard time finding the perfect spot – but working with each couple to ensure they find a beautiful location is a dream!

Truth Bomb Time

We love to travel and so want to travel more … But! As a small business owner of 2 employees, gearing up for two weeks away in the middle of prime wedding season isn’t easy. The past few weeks we have been working long hours, meeting with our 2017 couples to ensure we are all set, and meeting new couples getting married in 2018! OH! And launching the 2018 Rad Photographers Retreat dates AND new website! A site that along came with LOOONG hours to make sure it loaded and fit the style of the Retreat. We wanted to make sure before leaving that everyone was taken care of before we unplugged.

These long hours came with gallons of coffee drank, some stuttering in those meeting and some really silly moments due to a tired, tired brain! After, all that you’d think I was complaining – but, nope not at all! Our motto is – Work Hard Play Hard!


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