June 30, 2015

Wausau WI Family Photographer / Z Family


Wausau WI Family Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography  Christine Dopp_0001Wausau WI Family Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography  Christine Dopp_0002Wausau WI Family Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography  Christine Dopp_0003Wausau WI Family Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography  Christine Dopp_0004Wausau WI Family Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography  Christine Dopp_0005Wausau WI Family Photographer - Natural Intuition Photography  Christine Dopp_0006

This session right here is why I wish families had more sessions like this! An at home session where I photograph the family as they go through everyday moments – real family memories. I didn’t tell them to pose at all throughout this whole session, I just snapped away. Real life moments are the ones that are treasured and ever so fleeting. This family was in the last few weeks of their family home, a home they brought their little man into first, their first family home. They wanted document it before moving on to their next family home.

I adore this family, and was so honored to have been invited into their daily life. This is just a sneak into how beautiful life really is.

Thank you again for having me in your home, and I cannot wait to see the little man grow!

With Love – Christine

Brianne 00:11 July 1, 2015 Reply
Beyond thrilled with how these turned out!

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