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February 24, 2015

What do I do when I am not working?


family is pretty awesome -n atural intuition photographyCuddleing with her uncle - natural intuition photographyFamily Photography - Life is pretty awesome - Natural Intuition Photography

So I have been asked a few times what I do when I am not working, or photographing awesome people? Well this past month I have gotten to spend two days a week with two little humans! These two little people are my niece, Josephine, and my nephew, Reid. My Sister and Brother in Law were in need of someone to watch them for a few hours before they got home for a few weeks. Of course I said YES! These two little people are so stinking easy to watch! We play, have laugh, dance, play music and have fun! Those two days a week are filled with some of the best moments of my week! Especially this last Monday, little Man Reid wasn’t feeling the best. When he woke up from his nap he was all cuddles – we sat in the living room while Josie watched a movie and cuddled.

It’s pretty awesome to spend a few hours with them. They remind me to be goof around, be a kid sometimes. I dance like a fish – more than normal – crawled in a tiny tunnel to get a laugh, and ran in circles. These kids can make any ugly day an amazingly beautiful one.

Justin and I have decided to not have children – there people that call us selfish for this, or that we hate kids. Neither of those are true at all. We are two people that adore children so much, but we believe there are so many children in this world that need love. We would love to give another child someday, if we decide to have children, a wonderful home. But can I say – seeing Justin with my niece makes my heart melt. I love how someone so little and adorable can turn a grown man into a silly kid.

Remember that life is too short to be serious all the time, don’t be afraid to act like a kid sometimes!

With Love – Christine

PS – all photos are taken with my cell phone, and edited with VSCOcam


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